Monday, February 8, 2010

Stump Mr. Gacek!

That's right, at the Nova Auction, you will have the opportunity to stump Mr. Gacek. Parents will have the chance to bid on the opportunity to ask Mr. Gacek one trivia question. If Mr. Gacek misses the question, he is "stumped" and the winning question asker wins a limited edition "I Stumped Mr. Gacek" t-shirt. These will obviously become valuable collector's items. Parents will be able to choose a t-shirt either for themselves or for their Nova student.

If Mr. Gacek answers the question correctly, the question asker still gets a prize: an "I Failed To Stump Mr. Gacek" t-shirt.

Now, questions must be either baseball-related or geography-related (or related somehow to Mr. Gacek's areas of expertise). Mr. Gacek doesn't claim to be an expert in everything; his knowledge of Broadway musicals, for example, is sorely lacking.

Questions should be challenging, but Mr. Gacek must have at least a chance of answering the question correctly. The answer to the question cannot be a number. If you are unsure whether a question you'd like to ask is a good question, you can e-mail Mr. Kenis and he'll give you thumbs up or thumbs down.

As you're reading this, Mr. Gacek is stuying in preparation for this event. Good luck!