Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Country Project Presentation

You will design a PowerPoint Presentation to be delivered to your Geography class.  Your project will first contain an overview of the history, geography, and culture of your country.  Later in the trimester, you will choose a contemporary issue of importance to your country to research in depth.

Country Overview: 20 slides total:
1.  Title Slide: Country Name and Your Name.
2.  Map Slide.
3.  Flag Slide.
4.  Overview Facts: 6-10 important facts: capital, population rank, area rank, etc.  The UpFront Magazine World Index is a good source for these facts.
5-9.  History: 5 slides total. One image per slide.  3-5 facts per slide.
3 overview slides: Must cover ancient times to the present.
2 spotlight slides.  Choose one event, historical period, or important figure to spotlight.
10-15.  Geography: 6 slides total.  One image per slide.  3-5 facts per slide.
Terrain/Landscape Overview: 2 slides 
Climate Overview: 1 slide.
City Overview: 1 slide.
City Destination Spotlight: 1 slide.
Physical Feature Spotlight: 1 slide.
16-20. Culture: 5 slides total.  One image per slide.  3-5 facts per slide.
Language Overview
Religion Overview
Customs Overview
           Food Spotlight

           Pop Culture Spotlight

Mystery Independent Reading Project

 Read a mystery novel approved by Mr. Gacek.  It must be from a series you have not read before.

Answer the following questions in complete paragraphs.

1.  Who is the detective (or main mystery-solver if they’re not technically a detective)?  Describe his or her personality.  Is the character likable?  What makes the character an effective mystery solver?  Note: And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie, doesn’t have a traditional detective.  If you read this book, explain who is trying to solve the case, and how this scenario differs from most detective novels.

2.  Who is the narrator of the novel?  It will be either a character or an “omniscient narrator.”  Does the reader know more, less, or the same amount of information as the characters?  Did you feel the narration was effective for the telling of the story?  Why or why not?

3.  Describe the mystery of the book.  What is the detective attempting to solve?

4.  Describe the solution to the book.  How was the case solved?  What evidence did the detective use in solving the case?

5.  Did you prefer this book or The Westing Game?  Explain your answer.

Due Thursday, April 11, 2013.