Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup Prediction Contest: Group Play

16 teams made it out of group play.
Each team correctly predicted is worth one point. Therefore, a maximum of 16 points is thus far possible.

The Leaderboard:

12: Chelan (South Korea vs. Chile)
Aaron (Spain over Brazil)

11: Isabel (Brazil vs. Spain)
Ethan ( Brazil over Spain)
Danny (Portugal vs. Brazil)
Neil (Spain over Brazil)
Cheyenne (Brazil over Spain)
Galen (Spain over Brazil)
Anya (Brazil vs. Spain)

10: Jake (Spain vs. Brazil)
Tessa (Italy over Brazil)
Tristan (England over France)
Sam R. (Ghana over Honduras)
Colin Mil. (Germany over France)
Anna (Spain vs. Brazil)
Quinn (Brazil over Germany)
Nickan (Brazil vs. Spain)
Jenny (Italy over France)

9: Allyson (Brazil vs. Argentina)
Olivia (Paraguay vs. South Africa)
Matt (Japan over Denmark)
Jeongvin (Brazil over France)
Shreya (Brazil over Argentina)

8: Rosa (Greece over Spain)
Zachary (Slovenia over Japan)

7: Michael (New Zealand vs. Chile)
Linnea (Australia over Ghana)

The winner will receive a Jones Soda, of course.

Summer Geo Practice

I'd encourage everyone to spend some time this summer practicing Geography. You can go back and review all the quizzes in the archive. I'll also be posting new quizzes throughout the summer. Each of the quizzes will have a link to a blank map. You will need to plot the places of the quiz on the map. You can use your Coloring Book for most of the places, but for some you will need to consult an atlas of some sort. You will of course administer the actual quiz to yourself. Let me know if you've passed a quiz by leaving a comment at the end of the quiz. Have fun!

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Geo Quiz #1: British Isles

Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales.
Shetland Islands, Orkney Islands, Hebrides, Isle of Man.
Channel Islands: Jersey, Guernsey.
North Channel, Irish Sea, Saint George's Channel, English Channel, Strait of Dover, Bristol Channel.
Rivers: Thames, Severn, Shannon.
Mountains: Ben Nevis.
Cities: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Plymouth, Southampton, Dover, London, Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Belfast, Londonderry.

A blank map of the British Isles, courtesy of, can be found here.

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Country Project Tourism Poster

In creating your poster, the object is to convince others to travel to your country. All text must first be written on poster in pencil. Text must then be inked with Sharpie.

Name of Country—Big Letters
Travel Slogan
Country Facts: At Least 8 Facts

Travel Recommendations:
1. City + 4 Must-See Destinations within the City (describe with one sentence each).
2. Region + 2 Must-See Destinations within the Region (describe with one sentence each).
3. Physical Feature: describe with 2 sentences.
4. Touristy Activity: describe with 2 sentences.

Food: Describe one of the country’s delicacies. 2 sentences.
Animal: Describe an animal native to the country. 2 sentences.
Pictures: Your country needs at least 3 Pictures.

Required sentences must be complete sentences.

Your name must be printed prominently on the front of your poster.

Flight of the Conchords screen-capture courtesy

SF Write #3

For SF Write #3, you need to provide a conclusion to your Science Fiction story. You left your alter ego in a difficult predicament. In this segment, your character must get him- or herself out of the predicament. You then need to provide some sort of resolution to your story.
SF Write #3 will continue to be set in 2050 and will continue to feature your alter ego as protagonist. It should again be written in first person, though it does not need to take letter form. This segment should be typed using size 13 font and 1.5 line spacing. Use a standard font for this assignment.

Geo Final: What to Study

The Geo Final will cover the year in Geography. It would be wise to review some of the things we've covered this year, but don't think you need to cram for it. The Final is a way for me to see what you remember and retain from your study of World Geography this year.

Here are some of the things which will be covered on the final:

U.S. states, major cities, and major physical features
Latitude and Longitude
Major World Cities
Major Physical Features and Bodies of Water
Languages and Religions

There will be some challenging questions on the Final. Students will be required to make educated guesses. However, everything on the Final will have been covered at some point during the year.
Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.