Friday, April 19, 2013

Current Issue Research

How does a particular cultural, economic, political, or environmental issue within a particular country resonate locally and globally?

Research must contain at least 3 articles from different sources and containing different information.

I.  Notetaking:
  • Locate at least 2 different main ideas per article
  • Use bullet points for each line of notes under main idea headings
  • Include bibliographic information
  • Notes must be in pencil
  • Articles must be printed
Citations must include: author, article title, source, date.

Sample citation:

Gacek, Jason.  "Sounders Defeat Timbers."  Olympia Times.  27 June 2013.

Science Fiction Setting Description

Describe the time and place of a potential science fiction setting.  How is this setting different from the present?

Include in your description:
  • place characteristics
  • location
  • technology
  • time
Length should be about 3/4 of a page, typed, 1.5-line-spaced.  Illustrate the bottom of the place with color.

Due May 6, 2013.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Science Fiction Independent Reading Project

Please answer all questions in complete paragraphs.  Typed, 1.5-line spacing, size 13 font.

0.  State the title, author and star rating (0-5) for your SFIRP book.

1.  Describe the setting of the book.  Where and when does the book begin?  Describe what one would see in this place.  How would this place differ from a similar setting set in the present day?  What technology would one find in this place?  Does the action in the story move to different locations?  Explain.

2.  What is the goal the protagonist must attain in this story?  How must the protagonist attain the goal?  Is the protagonist successful?

3.  Is there an underlying message the author is attempting to communicate with this book?  Explain.

4.  What did you think of the book?  Explain why you liked or did not like this book.

Due Wednesday, May 1.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reading Log #15

Minimum 4 hours of reading.  Due Tuesday, April 30.

Reflection Questions:
1.      What was your favorite book of the past three weeks?  Explain what you enjoyed about this book.

2.     Where and when did you read during Conference Week?  Did you have enough time for reading?

The Giver Questions

Please type using size 13 font and 1.5 line Spacing.  Each question should be answered with a complete paragraph.

1.      Name three rules or regulations in the society of Jonas’ world which are different than rules or regulations in our society.  Explain these differences.

2.     Who is “the Giver?”  What is the job he must perform?

3.      Describe what happens at the end of The Giver.  Were you satisfied with the ending of the book?  Explain your answer.
Due Monday, April 22.