Monday, May 16, 2011

SF Write #3

It is predicted by Ray Kurzweil that by 2061 the Singularity will have been in effect for 16 years. You all will have a different take on what this will mean. SF Write #3 will incorporate the ramifications of the Singularity into your story. The characters and world you created for SF #1 & #2 will continue into SF #3. In SF Write #3 your protagonist will have a confrontation with intelligent technology. If you think the Singularity will occur according to Kurzweil's prediction, you can write SF #3 along those lines. If you think the Singularity will not occur or will take a different form, you can incorporate your own ideas related to technology into your story.

You can choose the setting for SF Write #3 and you can choose what you want the piece to be about. SF Writes #1 & #2 were descriptive pieces. SF Write #3 is closer to a story. There must be some sort of resolution following the protagonist's confrontation with technology. You can not leave the story on a true cliff hanger.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Singularity is Near

Grossman, Lev.  "2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal."  Time.  10 February 2011.

Ray Kurzweil (Larry Busacca/
Getty Images)
 1:  Define the following terms:   
     a)  Singularity
     b)  Artificial Intelligence
     c)  Exponential Curve
     d)  Telomere

2:  Answer in complete sentences:
     a) Why is Kurzweil sure the Singularity        
     is coming?
     b) How does Kurzweil see humans extending
     their lives indefinitely?
     c) What are some potential drawbacks to the
     d) What do you think about the ideas
     presented in this article?  Do they make you
     more excited or more fearful for the future?  Explain.

Read more about the Singularity at The Singularity Hub.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Students Raise $1,500 for Nova Library

Nova students Aaron F. and Jackson C. initiated a fundraiser for the Nova Library for their Taekwondo Black Belt Project.  The fundraiser was a kick-a-thon in which participants were asked to collect pledges for the number of kicks they could perform in a two-hour period.  Six Nova students participated in the kick-a-thon:

Aaron F.  3, 728 kicks
Jackson C. 2,711 kicks
Danny D.  2,871 kicks
Sam S.  2,328 kicks
Danny R.  2,085 kicks
Rachel H.  1,862 kicks

Anjali V., Surabhi M., and Alex E. also collected donations for the kick-a-thon.  In all, $1,500 was raised.  These funds will be used to add to the collection of the Nova Library.  Thank you to all participants and to all members of the community who contributed!  Your generosity is much appreciated.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Country Presentations

You will be presenting your research on your country to the class.  You're slideshow must contain the following information:

Map of Country
Basic Facts: population, area, language, religion, capital, largest city, etc.
Physical Feature or Region Spotlight: 3 facts + picture
City Spotlight: 3 facts + picture
Animal Spotlight: 3 facts + endangered status + picture
8 Historical Events (multiple slides)
Biographical Spotlight: 3 facts + picture
Cultural Spotlight: 3 facts + picture
Current Issue: What is the issue?
                      Why is it an important issue?
                      What did you learn about the issue?
                      What is being done regarding the issue?
                      What do you think should be done regarding the issue?
Summary: What do you find fascinating about the country?

You will also need to print a bibliography with your sources listed using proper bibliographic notation.

Geo Quiz #38: South American Physical Features

Andes Mountains (Wikimedia Commons)
Andes Mountains, Mt. Aconcagua, Amazon River, Orinoco River, Rio de la Plata, Parana River, Guiana Highlands, Lake Maracaibo, Lake Titicaca, Strait of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego, Atacama Desert.