Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winterim Reading Goals

No homework over Winterim Week!

However, it is my expectation that you keep up with your independent reading over the Winterim Week. You will turn in your Winterim Reading Goals tomorrow in Geography. For your goals, please break up the week into the following three segments:

A) Weekend #1: Saturday, Sunday, Monday
B) Winterim Week Proper: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
C) Weekend #2: Saturday, Sunday

For each segment, record the following goals: Total amount of time you would like to spend reading (estimated to nearest quarter hour) during that segment; number of books (or fractions of books) you would like to read during that segment of the week; and the names of the books you would like to read during that segment.

There are no minimum requirements per se. You might have obligations during one of these segments which would prevent you from getting much reading done. Set a realistic goal, but make it a goal which will challenge you to get a significant amount of reading in.

Monday, February 22, is the deadline for finishing your Independent Reading mystery choice book.

Silent Reading students also have a non-fiction book to read if they have not already done so.

Make use of the Nova Library during Winterim; it will be open.

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