Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Country Project Tourism Poster

In creating your poster, the object is to convince others to travel to your country. All text must first be written on poster in pencil. Text must then be inked with Sharpie.

Name of Country—Big Letters
Travel Slogan
Country Facts: At Least 8 Facts

Travel Recommendations:
1. City + 4 Must-See Destinations within the City (describe with one sentence each).
2. Region + 2 Must-See Destinations within the Region (describe with one sentence each).
3. Physical Feature: describe with 2 sentences.
4. Touristy Activity: describe with 2 sentences.

Food: Describe one of the country’s delicacies. 2 sentences.
Animal: Describe an animal native to the country. 2 sentences.
Pictures: Your country needs at least 3 Pictures.

Required sentences must be complete sentences.

Your name must be printed prominently on the front of your poster.

Flight of the Conchords screen-capture courtesy DaveWalshPhoto.com.

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