Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Library Shelf

I have created a new shelf in the Library called 'Adolescents.' This shelf will feature books about young people and various topics related to them. The shelf is intended for Nova parents and Nova faculty and staff. It is currently just a small shelf, but it will grow over time. Parents who would like to check out books from the shelf can either check out the books under their students' names or parents can e-mail me and I will enter their names into our library check-out database. Parents, please give the shelf a look during Conference Week. It is located next to the Chick Lit shelf and above the Shonen Jump magazines.

If you have a book that you think would be appropriate for the shelf and would like to donate it to our library, please don't hesitate to do so. I will also be creating a notebook for articles; if you have an article you think I should archive and keep in the notebook please send it my way. Thanks!


  1. Hello Mr. Gacek,

    I will be at Nova on Friday, 10/22 in the morning, to do some volunteer hours. I am happy to cover more books, but if you have other specific jobs you would like me to do, you could leave me a message in the office and I will get it that morning.

    Thanks, Sarah Huntington