Monday, October 4, 2010

Realistic Fiction Stories

You get to write a piece of Realistic Fiction. This assignment will be pretty open-ended. The most important thing is that your story feel realistic. You can base your story on an event which you experienced. You don’t have to base your story on actual events, however. Your story must include the following conventions which distinguish Realistic Fiction from other genres:

1. Plausible story.
2. Terrestrial setting
3. Clear protagonist
4. Protagonist must face hardship, challenge, or problem
5. Story must have a resolution
6. Protagonist must experience growth or learn a lesson
7. Protagonist must experience emotion

In addition, your story must contain the following elements:

1. At least one additional significant character.
2. Dialogue.
3. Protagonist must be middle school-aged.
4. Story must be set in the modern day.
5. Narration in the first person.
6. Tense must be past tense.
7. Description of the characters, setting, and events.
8. Topic must be different than in previous assignment.


1. Typed or hand-written. Typed must be 1.5-line spaced, Calibri or Times New Roman, size 13 font.
2. Length 5-6 pages.
3. Include Title and Heading.

First 3 pages due Wednesday, October 13.
Completed story due Wednesday, October 20.

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