Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hero Paragraphs

You will write 2 paragraphs for this assignment.

In the first paragraph, you will describe the prototypical hero at the beginning of Fantasy stories. Describe the traits and attributes commonly seen in Fantasy heroes. Describe the heroes’ physical attributes, personalities, home lives, interests, demeanors, and anything else that you think is important in relation to this topic. With this paragraph, you are creating a composite picture of a Fantasy hero. You are not describing any single character. Draw on your knowledge of Fantasy literature for this paragraph.

For the second paragraph, choose a hero character from a Fantasy book you have read (if it’s from a series, you must choose the first book), and explain whether or not you feel the character fits the hero prototype you outlined above. Use the specific criteria from your first paragraph in making your decision. In this second paragraph, describe specific examples from the book in explaining whether or not the hero fits the criteria.

Underline all book titles.

Paragraphs may be typed or hand-written (if typed, use size 14 font and 1.5-line spacing).
Due Tuesday, November 2. You will have class time on Monday, November 1 for writing, proofreading, revising.

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