Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Golden Compass: Part I

Read all of Part I: Oxford by Tuesday, November 9.

1. Vocabulary: Record at least 4 unfamiliar (or interesting) vocabulary words with their definitions and parts of speech. Use each word in a new sentence of your own design.

2. People, Places, Institutions: Record at least 3 interesting names of people, places, or institutions which are alluded to but not really described in depth. Record what little you know about 3 different proper nouns of this type.

3. Short Answer Questions:

1. Do you like Lyra as a character thus far? Why or why not? Refer to specific things Lyra did or thought in explaining your answer.

2. Do you like or dislike the book thus far? Give specific reasons for your opinion and back them up with examples from the book.

Picture of Oxford High Street from The Daily Mail (UK).

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