Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fantasy Story Elements

Stories relating to Heros and their Quests can be traced back to the dawn of civilization. The lineage of heroes can be traced from Gilgamesh to Odysseus to Frodo Baggins to Percy Jackson. Your fantasy story will contain many of the conventions of the fantasy genre that have been developed by storytellers over the years. For this assignment, you will describe each of the fantasy elements which will be included in your story. There will be a minimum sentence requirement for each element.

This assignment does not represent your actual story. This assignment serves as a means for you to plan your actual fantasy story.

1. Hero engaging in normal activity: 2+ sentences.
2. Portal to the Fantasy World: 2.
3. Fantasy World: 4.
4. Sidekick: 3.
5. Mentor: 2.
6. Antagonist: 3.
7. Quest: 3.
8. Obstacle #1: 2.
9. Obstacle #2: 2
10. Climax: 2.
11. Return Home: 2.

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