Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Notetaking: Africa: Days 1 & 2

1. Record citation of article.

Nossiter, Adam. "Diplomacy Again Falls Short in Tense Ivory Coast Standoff." The New York
. 3 January 2011.

Perry, Alex. "Can Sudan Split Without Falling Apart?" Time. 10 January 2011.

2. Read article and highlight important information with colored pencil. Look up any words you do not know in the dictionary and record those definitions and parts of speech.

3. Record Main Idea of article in complete sentence form. Decide what the article is actually about.

4. Record notes in bullet point fashion. Notes should not be complete sentences. Notes should include relevant information to Main Idea of article. Include information only. Do not include direct quotes.

5. Using your notes as your reference, create a short, one paragraph summary of the article. The first sentence should be your topic sentence and should contain the Main Idea. The rest of the paragraph should support the Main Idea with additional information. The paragraphy should be in your own words. It should not include the exact wording of sentences which is found in the original article. This is known as paraphrasing.

Ivory Coast #1-4 due Wed, Jan. 5
Ivory Coast #5 due Thurs, Jan. 6
Sudan #1-5 due Fri, Jan. 7

Photo credit: Time Magazine.

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