Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Africa Field Reports

You will be presenting a field report live from the scene regarding a crisis facing one of the following African countries: Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, or Ivory Coast.  Your presentation will be no longer than 2 minutes.  Your research will consist of any prior reading we have done as a class, plus 2 additional news articles.  The articles must concern current events in your country from a legitimate news source.  For each article, you will record the citation, main idea, and your notes.

You will then write a script.  Your script must contain at least 4 facts from your research.  Underline these 4 facts in  purple on your script.  As a reporter, you need to describe the situation in your country to give your audience a sense of what is happening around you.  You only have 2 minutes, though, so you have to be concise (this is a pretty accurate time frame in terms of what network field reporters would be given).  Station yourself at a key location for your story (Start your script with something like "Good evening, this is So-and-So reporting live from ...)

Your field report needs to answer two main questions: What is happening, and why is it happening?  Now, the events in your countries are quite complicated.  Therefore, you need to answer these questions succinctly.  You don't need to report everything you know about the situation.  Choose what is most important and report that.

If the action has quieted down a bit in your country in the last few days, you can report "live" from a date in the recent past.  Just make sure you mention the date of your field report in your script.

Here are some news outlets to consult when starting your research:

Additionally, search engines like and can help you find articles from additional news sites.  Remember to cite the actual news site in your citation and not a search engine.

Presentation will be delivered in front of the class starting Friday, February 18.  Scripts do not have to be memorized, but you should practice enough that you can make eye contact with the camera.

Screenshot Credit: Daily Mail (U.K.)

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