Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fantasy Story Final Draft Instructions

Read through story corrections and comments. Make corrections in computer lab where needed. You have editorial say over your story. You may overrule the corrections made to your paper.

Look for places in your story where detail is needed. Your story should provide balance between detail, dialogue, and action. Place an orange crescent moon next to the most descriptive passage in your final draft.

Your Final Draft story segment must be between 8 and 12 pages. If you’ve only written the minimum 6 pages, you will need to write 2 additional pages.

There is no maximum page length for your story. You can continue writing until the Final Draft is due. Do not work on your story at the expense of your other homework, however.

The Final Draft will be due Monday, February 14. The Final Draft will include a cover, title page, map, and story. Place an orange star at the beginning of your story segment and place two orange stars at the end of your story segment. If your story is less than 12 pages, you do not need to include any stars.

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