Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fantasy Story Final Instructions

Cover: Use white drawing paper. Create one inch margin on left side. Leave this margin blank. Use bold lettering for Title. Place your name on the cover. Add an illustration or drawing. Front cover must be colored. Any medium can be used for the cover.

Title Page: Center all text on page. Place title of story in largish font 1/3 the distance from top to bottom of page. Place your name in slightly smaller font 3/5 the distance from top to bottom of page. Place the following information on 3 separate lines at bottom of page: February, 2011; NOVA School; Olympia, Washington (leave out the semicolons, of course). Remember to center all the text.

Pre-Story Outline: Create an outline of the events which come before your story, if applicable. Use the text from your storyboard to create this outline. Each panel from your storyboard should correspond to one event. If you’ve changed your storyboard, disregard it; your outline should reflect your actual story. Number the events consecutively.

Post-Story Outline: If your story ends before it is finished, create a Post-Story outline. Instructions are the same as for Pre-Story Outline.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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