Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 NCAA Tournament Prediction Contest

The prize is a $20 gift certificate to Vic's Pizzeria.

You can download and print a bracket here.

Brackets are due to Mr. Gacek by Tuesday at 2:35 p.m.


Round #1: Play-in Round: Choose the winner of the 4 play-in games by circling the winner of each game.  Each winner is worth 1 point.  The winners of the Round #1 games move on to Round #2.  The play-in round was created by the NCAA to try to eke out a few more television dollars.  The NCAA does not care about the perfect symmetry of the 64-team bracket.

Round #2:  Choose the winner of each game by moving the winner of each game to the next line in the bracket.  The number of points you earn for each game is determined by the seed of the winner.  If you choose a #1 seed, you earn 1 point if they win.  If you choose a #12 seed, you earn 12 points if they win.

Round #3: Scored exactly the same as Round #2.

Round #4: Sweet 16:  In Round #4 you earn 8 points for each winner you predict correctly for teams seeded 1 through 8.  If you pick teams seeded #9 or higher to win in Round #4, you earn the number of points equal to that team's seed.

Round #5: Elite 8: Same scoring as Round #4.

Round #6: Final 4: You earn 16 points for each team you pick correctly to win in this round.

Round #7: National Championship: You earn 16 points for choosing the National Champion.

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