Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nova NCAA Tournament Prediction Contest Leaderboard

1.  Mr. Kenis  196 pts.
2.  Rosa  194 pts.
3.  Sahana  188 pts.
4.  Spencer J.  184 pts.
5.  Pasang  178 pts.
6.  Ben Wh.  180 pts.
7.  Aaron  178 pts.
8.  Colin H.  176 pts.

Who knew Rosa was so knowledgable about college basketball!

The only people listed above with teams still alive in the tournament are Mr. Kenis and Pasang.  In the Kentucky-Connecticut semi-final, if Kentucky wins, Pasang wins the contest.  If Connecticut wins, Mr. Kenis wins the contest.  And whoever wins the contest wins 20 bucks worth of pizza at Vic's.

I just hope the game goes into overtime.

And that Virginia Commonwealth shocks the world.


  1. Go Pasang and Virginia Commonwealth!