Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SF Write #2

The year is still 2061. Your alter ego is downtown in what today we would call Olympia, Washington. Your piece begins with your alter ego at a specific location downtown. Describe the location and what your alter ego is doing there. Your alter ego will then make his or her way through the city to a second location. Describe people they see, modes of transportation, and the city itself: buildings, structures, etc. Finally, describe the destination your alter ego reaches. Your alter ego must purchase something at this destination. Describe what they purchase and how much it costs.

Like SF Write #1, SF Write #2 is a descriptive piece. It doesn’t need any more plot than what is given above. However, the piece must be consistent with SF Write #1.

SF Write #2 is due Wednesday, May 4. It must be typed and conform to Mr. Gacek’s standards for typed papers.

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