Thursday, May 5, 2011

Country Presentations

You will be presenting your research on your country to the class.  You're slideshow must contain the following information:

Map of Country
Basic Facts: population, area, language, religion, capital, largest city, etc.
Physical Feature or Region Spotlight: 3 facts + picture
City Spotlight: 3 facts + picture
Animal Spotlight: 3 facts + endangered status + picture
8 Historical Events (multiple slides)
Biographical Spotlight: 3 facts + picture
Cultural Spotlight: 3 facts + picture
Current Issue: What is the issue?
                      Why is it an important issue?
                      What did you learn about the issue?
                      What is being done regarding the issue?
                      What do you think should be done regarding the issue?
Summary: What do you find fascinating about the country?

You will also need to print a bibliography with your sources listed using proper bibliographic notation.

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