Monday, May 16, 2011

SF Write #3

It is predicted by Ray Kurzweil that by 2061 the Singularity will have been in effect for 16 years. You all will have a different take on what this will mean. SF Write #3 will incorporate the ramifications of the Singularity into your story. The characters and world you created for SF #1 & #2 will continue into SF #3. In SF Write #3 your protagonist will have a confrontation with intelligent technology. If you think the Singularity will occur according to Kurzweil's prediction, you can write SF #3 along those lines. If you think the Singularity will not occur or will take a different form, you can incorporate your own ideas related to technology into your story.

You can choose the setting for SF Write #3 and you can choose what you want the piece to be about. SF Writes #1 & #2 were descriptive pieces. SF Write #3 is closer to a story. There must be some sort of resolution following the protagonist's confrontation with technology. You can not leave the story on a true cliff hanger.

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