Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sixth Grade Student Council Election

The Nova Student Council consists of student body representatives. It includes three 8th grade reps, two 7th grade reps, and two 6th grade reps. Student Council generally meets once a week, usually on Mondays during lunch. Mr. Fleming is the faculty adviser to the student council.

The Nova Student Council is made up of leaders at Nova. You will take on a definite leadership role on the council. You will be involved in decision-making, you will take an active role in assemblies, and you will be expected to take part in extra-curricular functions. You will need to listen to your classmates’ ideas and concerns. You will be expected to advocate for your classmates at student council meetings.

You need to be positive and hard-working. You need to be confident when speaking in public. Most of all, you need to want to do the very best work that you can do in this role.

6th Grade Student Council Campaign Week will run September 19-23. Starting on Monday, September 19, you may put up 3 campaign posters measuring no larger than 8 ½ by 11 inches. You may put a poster up on your locker door. You may put a poster on a classmate’s locker door with their permission. Anywhere else in the building, you must first get faculty permission before hanging a poster. Please use Scotch Tape only for hanging posters.

It is your job during Campaign Week to let people know you are running for Council. Talk to your classmates. Advocate for yourself. Tell them why you would make a good representative.

You may not offer any gifts in exchange for votes. No candy, Pokemon cards, $100 bills, etc.

Each candidate for Student Council will give a speech on Friday, Sept. 23 during Social/Emotional Health. The maximum length for each speech is 5 minutes. There is no minimum length.

You want to make your speech memorable but substantive. You need to address the following points in your speech:

a) What qualities or attributes do you possess which make you an effective leader?

b) What experiences have you had which have allowed you to demonstrate leadership in your recent past?

c) Why do you want to be on Nova Student Council? What do you most want to accomplish on the council?

d) What would you like the other sixth graders to know about you which they might not already know?

Don’t be afraid to make your speech entertaining. Be humorous, but let your classmates know you’re serious. Tell a joke. Sing a song. Do a dance. Create a slogan. Above all, you want to stand out. Give your classmates a reason to vote for you.

Practice your speech in front of an audience. Preparation leads to success.

It is an honor to be elected to Student Council. If this job appeals to you, you should strongly consider throwing your hat in the ring. Go for it!

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