Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Setting Descriptions

3 paragraphs total:

1.  Familiar: The places familiar to the hero: neighborhoods, buildings, communities, parks, etc.  Because the hero has not yet seen the wider world, the familiar is located within a relatively small area.  The familiar can be located in our world, or it can be located in a fantasy world.

2.   Threshhold: The boundary which is crossed which takes the hero from the familiar to the unfamiliar.  If the familiar is located in our world, the threshhold will be a portal through which the hero travels from our world to a fantasy world.  If the familiar is located in a fantasy world, the threshhold will be a boundary the hero will cross to enter the fantasy world.

3.  Unfamiliar: The wider world, heretofore unknown to the hero.  The fantasy world must resemble our world.  It must contain physical features and bodies of water.  The laws of physics apply.  Describe the topography of the world: mountains, canyons, hills, valleys, etc.  Include important cities and towns, as well as castles, fortresses, and other man-made structures.  The fantasy world is a large world.  Describe it very generally; you do not need to include every detail about the fantasy world.


  1. Mr. Gacek! did you hear that the sounders signed a new goalkeeper. here is the site i found it on.

  2. Yes. Gspurning isn't Kasey Keller, but he's still pretty good.

  3. Are we supposed to do 3 or 5 words for the journal?