Monday, April 9, 2012

Quiz Bowl #4

6 questions total.  Questions 1-4 are General Round questions and will be only answered by students.  Questions 5-6 are Final Round questions and will be answered by students and teachers.  The two sets of questions should be printed separately and turned in on separate pieces of paper.

Regular Quiz Bowl rules apply: no multiple choice or true/false, and answer may not be a number or date.  Include answers with questions.

1.  Answer must be your assigned country in Geography.  Question should relate to geography or history of your country.

2.  Answer must be the name of a country covered by a classmate in their article presentation.  You must refer to your notes to find this question.

3.  Academic question from one of three categories: Science, Spanish, or Language Arts.  Question should cover something the class has learned.  For Language Arts, the answer must be the title of a Science Fiction book.

4.  Same as #3, but must cover a different subject.

5.  Question in your favorite trivia category.

6.  Question in a trivia completely different from #1-5.

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