Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sounders U-23 vs. Timbers U-23 at Tumwater High School

The match will be Saturday, June 2, at 6 pm.  Sounders U-23 play in the Premier Develoment League (PDL), which is the top amateur soccer league in the U.S.  Brad Evans, Brian Ching, Herculez Gomes, and Darlington Nagbe are just a few of the players who graduated from the PDL to play in MLS.  The match will be extra fun as it comes against the Timbers.  Yes, the rivalry exists at the PDL level as well.  Get there early, as fans from the Rose City will be making the trek northward.  Tickets are $10.  More info here.  Go Sounders U-23!


  1. June 2! (caught your typo)
    I read the article per your link and we're hoping to go to a game. The Tumwater game would be handy! Thanks for the info.
    Hope you're enjoying your break.