Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Story Proposals

You will write two story proposals: one for a Mystery Story featuring your detective from your Detective Dossier and a second for a Science Fiction Story featuring the setting you described in your Science Fiction Setting.

Each proposal needs 2 elements: The synopsis and the outline.  The synopsis should be 5-10 sentences in length.  It should provide an overview of the story.  It must include information about the characters, plot, and setting.  The synopsis is a summary paragraph.

The outline should list 5-10 events from the story in chronological order.  Each event must be one sentence in length.  The outline does not need to cover all the events in the story.  Also, some elements from the outline might change as you write the actual story.
Finally, you need to write about your inspirations for each story idea.  What books, movies, or television influenced your ideas for your stories?  Be honest.
Once you have completed both proposals, you will choose the one you like best and you will write that story.  However, save the second proposal, as you may decide to write that story in the future in Open Writing.
Coming up with story ideas is challenging.  You will need to do some brainstorming.  Be creative.  The more thought you put into the planning stage, the easier you will find writing the actual story.

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