Thursday, May 8, 2014

Current Issue Research Paper Introduction and Conclusion

The introduction should introduce your issue to the reader. The introduction should start with something to grab the attention of the reader. There are many ways to start a research paper. They include:
·        A quote
·        A statistic
·        Verse
·        An inaccurate generalization
·        A definition
·        A question
·        A fact
·        An event
The rest of your introduction should introduce your issue to the reader in very general terms. Explain what your paper will be about. Provide definitions of important terms the reader will need to know while reading your paper. The final sentence of your research paper should be the thesis statement.

The conclusion should wrap up your paper. The first sentence of your conclusion should restate your thesis statement. Then you need to generalize the main points from your paper which back up that your thesis statement and show it to be true. You should end your conclusion and your research paper by providing your personal stance on what should be done about the issue you researched.

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