Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NOVA History Quiz

During our Monday Morning Assembly, Mr. Fleming had students take part in a quiz game. Students gathered in Closing Crews and attempted to answer the following questions:

1. In what year was NOVA founded?

2. In what town was NOVA originally located?
3. Who founded NOVA School?

4. Who is the Trow named after?

5. How many teachers were there the first year NOVA opened?

6. What are the two patterns in the tiles on the floor of the MOD?

7. What class was taught in the Barn besides PE?

8. What current teacher taught that class?

9. What two teachers have been teaching at NOVA the longest?

10. What kind of bird is the sculpture on the outside of the building?

11. What famous Olympia artist donated that sculpture after his daughter graduated from NOVA?

12. In what year did NOVA introduce enrichment classes?

13. How many lockers does NOVA have?

Answers after the break!
1. 1992
2. Lacey
3. Lisa Iverson
4. Charles Trowbridge, Lisa's father
5. 2
6. A nova that exploded the year the school was founded, and the mod target
7. Manual Arts
8. Fleming
9. Mo and Flem
10. Northern Flicker
11. Ross Matteson
12. 2012
13. 111

The photographs of NOVA's first class were taken during NOVA's first year, in 1992, at the original NOVA building, located on Ruddell Road in Lacey, Washington.

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