Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quiz Bowl Questions #1

  • Please use 1.15-line spacing. Make sure there is adequate space between questions. Use size 14 font.
  • You need to turn in two copies of this assignment.
  • DO NOT MENTION THE ANSWER (or a form of the answer) ANYWHERE IN THE QUESTION. For example, if the answer is London, the question cannot mention The London Eye.
  • Pages must be single-sided.

Due: Wednesday, October 1. Both copies turned in at MATH.

Please create six questions. Questions 1-4 must follow the prescribed format. Questions 5-6 are Potpourri Questions, which means they can be from any category.

1.  One of (my name)’s favorite U.S. cities with a population above 100,000 is famous for _________________, _______________________, and ___________________________. It is located in the state of ______________. Name this city.

2.  One of (my name)’s all-time favorite books can be found in the ____________ genre. It is set in ____________________, and features a character named ________________ who must ________________________. The book was written by ___________________. Name this book.

3.  Name the sixth grade student who was born in __________________, loves to ________________________ and ____________________, and is a huge fan of _________________________________________.
Answer: (your name

4.  One of (your name)’s most admired historical or contemporary figures was born in (year) in (city), (state or country). (He or she) is an important figure in the field of ____________________ and is well-known for __________________________ and ___________________________. Name this person.

5 & 6. Potpourri: Create two questions in different categories. It must be possible for sixth grade students to guess the answers (nothing too obscure). The answers may not be numbers. Multiple choice questions and true/false questions are not allowed. The answers may not be year. Each question must contain at least two facts. Include the answer to each question.

Quiz Bowl #1 will be played Friday, October 3, 2014.

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