Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Realistic Fiction Assignment

Reading: Please read a realistic fiction novel which is not a re-read for you.

Writing: Please type assignment. Use size 13 Calibri font with 1.5-line spacing. Include heading in upper right hand corner and title centered at top of page.

Please compose complete paragraphs about the following:

Protagonist: Describe the protagonist. What are the important traits of the character? Describe his or her personality. What is the family situation for the character? What is the social situation for the character?

Challenges: What are the challenges the protagonist faces in the book? Please describe them. How/why did these challenges arise for the character?

Resolution: How does the protagonist overcome the challenges he or she faces? Please describe how the character resolves these challenges. Yes, you will need to give away the ending to the book (in most cases).

Emotion: Now that you have finished the book, what was the most powerful emotion you felt as you were reading? Describe how you experienced this emotion. Please refer to and describe specific episodes in the book which led you to feel this emotion.

Rating: How many stars would you give the book? Why would you give the book this particular rating? Please be specific.

Due: Monday, October 13, 2014.

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