Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Come See Mr. Fleming's Art at Arts Walk!

Starting this Friday, Eric Fleming’s artwork will be on display during Arts Walk at Compass Rose in downtown Olympia. Please come by and say hi! Mr. Fleming will be showing several pieces, including the one you see above. Here is Mr. Fleming’s description of the piece:
This image was created to honor Lisa Iverson, the founder of NOVA School, an Olympia middle school for highly capable students. Lisa's vision formed the wellspring for a dynamic institution with a strong educational philosophy and compassionate learning environment. This papercut image will be transformed into a large, ceramic mural for the front wall of the school. Each element of the picture was intentionally chosen to express important aspects of Lisa Iverson's wisdom and accomplishments. Lisa's hands are shown tossing tree seeds and planting a forest. As she sows the forest, it reflects the thousands of young minds who have thrived through their experiences at the school she founded.

Hope you can make it! Compass Rose is located at 416 Capitol Way S.

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