Saturday, October 4, 2014

Map of the Day: New York Times Interactive College Football Fan Map

This is such a cool map. It uses Facebook likes to determine the most popular college football team in every U.S. zip code. However, it only tabulates 84 major college football programs, so a state like Montana shows up registering support for the Oregon Ducks, when clearly the state's most popular program is actually the Montana Grizzlies. The reach of the Ducks' popularity is perhaps the most surprising aspect of the map. Who knew the team with the most hideous uniforms in college football was so popular in Northern California and Alaska?

The interactive map at The New York Times website can be found here.

Note: Please don't take my enthusiasm for this particular map to be an endorsement of the sport of college football or the NCAA. I have serious reservations about this particular sport and this particular institution. That being said, I do consider myself a fan of the Washington Huskies. And being a Husky fan, I will make digs at the Oregon Ducks whenever I can. Sorry, Mo and Mr. Jeff, Area Code 98501 is firmly Husky Territory.

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