Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dystopia Essay Assignment

Dark City
Reading requirement: Minimum two books from Dystopia Reading List. One must be a book from a series you have not previously. The second may be a re-read or from a series in which you have previously read a book (though the second may also be a new read). You are free to read more than two books and then choose the two you’d most like to read about.

This essay will have three parts. Each part should have multiple paragraphs.
Please include a title and heading on your paper. Use 1.5 line-spacing and size 14 Calibri font.

Each section of the essay must include one quote directly from one of the books (three quotes total minimum). You must quote from both books. Please record the page number the quote comes from.

A. Define the concept of dystopias. How and why are they formed? What are common characteristics of dystopias? How do dystopias differ from utopias? Explain why the societies in your two books/series are considered dystopias.

B. Describe the relationship between the individual and society in your two books/series. What happens to the individual in a dystopia? Is the disappearance of the individual a bad thing? What problems are avoided when people conform? What new problems does conformity create? How important is it for people to have choices? Use examples from the books to illustrate your answers to these questions.

C. Which book/series do you think has the strongest message? What is that message? Why is this message important to you? How does this message relate to the society in which you live? What is the message in the second book? What makes this message less strong and resonant? Use examples from the books to illustrate your answers to these questions.
Blade Runner

Tuesday, January 13:  Reading Completed
Monday, January 19:  Part A due
Friday, January 23: Part B due
Thursday, January 29: Part C due

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