Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup Prediction Contest: Group Play

16 teams made it out of group play.
Each team correctly predicted is worth one point. Therefore, a maximum of 16 points is thus far possible.

The Leaderboard:

12: Chelan (South Korea vs. Chile)
Aaron (Spain over Brazil)

11: Isabel (Brazil vs. Spain)
Ethan ( Brazil over Spain)
Danny (Portugal vs. Brazil)
Neil (Spain over Brazil)
Cheyenne (Brazil over Spain)
Galen (Spain over Brazil)
Anya (Brazil vs. Spain)

10: Jake (Spain vs. Brazil)
Tessa (Italy over Brazil)
Tristan (England over France)
Sam R. (Ghana over Honduras)
Colin Mil. (Germany over France)
Anna (Spain vs. Brazil)
Quinn (Brazil over Germany)
Nickan (Brazil vs. Spain)
Jenny (Italy over France)

9: Allyson (Brazil vs. Argentina)
Olivia (Paraguay vs. South Africa)
Matt (Japan over Denmark)
Jeongvin (Brazil over France)
Shreya (Brazil over Argentina)

8: Rosa (Greece over Spain)
Zachary (Slovenia over Japan)

7: Michael (New Zealand vs. Chile)
Linnea (Australia over Ghana)

The winner will receive a Jones Soda, of course.

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