Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Semifinals

The World Cup Final is set: Netherlands vs. Spain! If Netherlands wins, Isabel will be the champion. If Spain wins Galen will be the champion. The Final will be played Sunday, July 10, at 11:30 a.m.

29: Isabel (Spain vs. Brazil)

28: Jake (Spain vs. Brazil)
Galen (Spain over Brazil)

27: Aaron (Spain over Brazil)

26: Cheyenne (Brazil over Spain)

25: Nickan (Spain vs. Brazil)

24: Ethan (Brazil over Spain)
Anya (Brazil vs. Spain)
Neil (Spain over Brazil)

21: Quinn (Brazil over Germany)

19: Colin Mil. (Germany over France)
Rosa (Greece over Spain)

17: Shreya (Brazil over Argentina)
Allyson (Brazil vs. Argentina)

16: Chelan (Chile vs. South Korea)
Olivia (South Africa vs. Paraguay)
Linnea (Australia over Ghana)
Michael (New Zealand vs. Chile)
Jenny (Italy over France)
Tristan (England over France)

15: Jeongvin (Brazil over France)

14: Sam R. (Ghana over Honduras)
Tessa (Brazil over Italy)

13: Danny (Brazil vs. Portugal)
11: Matt (Japan vs. Denmark)
10: Zachary (Slovenia over Japan)

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