Monday, May 14, 2012

Geography Presentation

You will present what you have learned about the geography, history, and current events related to your country.  Every presentation will include a slideshow.  Each slide must have pertinent information and an image.  You may not include complete sentences or paragraphs on the slides.  Text should include key information, names, statistics, headings, etc.  The slides should serve as prompts for your presentation.  You will elaborate on the information on the slides in your presentation.  Your objective is to be succinct and thorough in your presentation and to convey what makes your country interesting and unique.

Slide 1:  Title
Name of Country
Your Name

Slide 2:  Location
Major Cities
Neighboring Countries/Bodies of Water
Image: Map

Slide 3: Environment
Physical Terrain/Landscape
Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Deserts, Rainforests, Plains, etc.
Image: Photograph

Slide 4: Key Feature or Region
Choose a physical feature or region to highlight.  Explain what makes it significant or important.
Image: Photograph

Slides 5-7: History
Each slide must include:
  • Major event or time period
  • At least 3 facts, names, or dates
  • Photo, illustration, or chart
Record all sources you use for finding information and cite them using the correct format.  Keep this information saved in a Word document.

Slides 8-12: Current Issues
These slides should cover the current political situation facing your country.  This section of the presentation should give the audience a sense of the hardships and struggles your country has experienced.  Each slide must include:
  • A Main Idea related to the country's situation
  • Relevant names, dates, events, and information related to the situation
  • Photo or illustration
Slide 13: Conclusion
This will be the final slide of your presentation.  You can include an image on this slide or you can create a Question Slide.

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