Friday, May 11, 2012

"Never Again"

On Thursday, our school was visited by Mr. James Morikowa from Hiroshima, Japan.  Mr. Morikowa was seven when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.  He spoke to us about the devastation of the city.  He survived because his father actually moved the family out of the city center to the suburbs in fear of an attack.  The images shown by Mr. Morikowa were horrifying.  His message was "Never again."  He spoke of the need to end the proliferation of nuclear weapons around the globe.  His message resonated deeply with our students.

Today the sixth graders made origami cranes as a way to honor the victims of Hiroshima.  We will be mailing 33 cranes to Japan, along with a photograph of our class and a donation to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.  As I am not very skilled in origami, I would like to thank Fuchsia, Taeus, Luna, Elyse, and Jasper for assisting their classmates with the folding of the cranes.  Special thanks also go to JoAnn Young, our school counselor, for arranging the visit.  It will not be forgotten by anyone present.

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