Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Reading Log #1

  • Due: Thursday, October 9.
  • Minimum amount of time spent reading: 6 hours.
  • Reading for this assignment may consist of novels, shorts stories, plays, or poetry. Neither graphic novels, magazine articles, nor on-line content counts toward this total.
  • Record all books read in log.
  • Estimate the number of hours you spent reading each book. This number is just an estimate and does not need to be exact. Add up all the hours spent reading and include the total on the appropriate line.
  • If you do not finish a book please include “DNF” in the chart in lieu of a star rating.
  • If a book is a re-read, please put an "R" in parentheses after the book title.
  • Please provide response to the following prompt on a separate sheet of paper (typed or hand-written):
What was your favorite book that you read in the past month? Why did you particularly enjoy this book? Describe a particular episode from the book that you feel exemplified what you loved about the book. Please refer to specific characters and events in your response.
  • If you lose the log provided you, please create your own log which includes space for Book Title, Author, Star Rating, Hours Read per Book, and Total Hours Read.

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