Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Writing Assignment #1

Max Fischer, Yankee Racers Founder, Rushmore Academy
Writing Prompt: At this particular moment in time, what are you most passionate about?
  • Include an interesting opening.
  • Minimum: one full page.
  • Maximum: 2 full pages.
  • Assignment may be typed or hand-written. If you write by hand, handwriting must be neat and legible.
  • Line spacing: Single, 1.5, or double (you decide). You need to format your assignment to best meet the page # requirements.
  • Assignment must include at least two complete paragraphs.
  • You may not use spell-check or grammar-check on your computer.
  • Parents may read your assignment and offer general writing advice, but parents may not proofread and edit your paper for you. This assignment must represent YOUR work.
  • Include heading (name, date, period) in upper right-hand corner.
  • Include Title at top of page.
  • To consider: Explain what you’re passionate about. Describe specific examples from your life of you pursuing this passion. How did you come to be passionate about this thing? Why are you passionate about this thing? How do you envision yourself pursuing this passion in the future? [Note: You do not need to tackle these questions in this order. You can format your assignment as you wish.]
  • Note: You will be sharing your writing with your classmates. Do not include personal details which you would be uncomfortable sharing.
Due: Tuesday, September 9.

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