Monday, November 10, 2014

Africa Country Pitch

Choose an African country that you’re interested in learning about. Your job is to make a pitch to convince your classmates to visit this country. Your pitch is meant to be read out loud. Use convincing language. The more interesting and exciting you make your country and destinations sound, the more your classmates will want to visit them.

Red lechwe in Okavango Delta, Botswana (Photo: Michael Poliza)
Prior to composing your pitch you will need to take notes. Use notecards for your notes. You need at least one notecard per section. In addition, you need a separate notecard on which to keep track of sources. For each source, record the title of the website (you do not need to record the URL). You need to utilize at least 3 different websites.

Your pitch will include six sections, and thus must be at least six paragraphs in length. Include at least 4 photos and a map.

Your pitch must be entirely in your own words. You may gather information from the internet. However, the actual writing should be your writing. Plagiarizing from the internet will result in a zero for the project.

Introduction: Explain why visitors should want to visit your country. Provide an overview of what visitors can expect to see and do in the country. Explain why these sites are worth visiting.

City: Spotlight 3 landmarks within the city. Describe what each landmark is, why it is significant, and why visitors should want to visit it.

Adventure Activity: Choose an adventure activity visitors can do in your country. Explain where they would go to partake in this activity. Describe what the activity would entail. Describe the scenery surrounding this activity.

Site of Historical Importance: Choose a site of historical importance within your country (it may not be located in the city you have already spotlighted). Describe the site. Explain why the site is historically important.

Animal Spotlight: Choose an animal which can be found in your country. Describe the animal. Explain what makes this animal interesting or unique. Explain whether or not this animal is currently endangered.

Conclusion: Re-emphasize why a visitor would want to visit your country.

As you know, in real life it is dangerous to travel to some countries in Africa. For the sake of this project, assume it is safe to travel to any country in Africa.

Do not include any humor which would be in bad taste. Do not include any ebola references. You need to take this project seriously.

There are many websites which can aid you in your research. Here are some places to start:

This assignment will be due on Friday, November 21.

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