Monday, November 10, 2014

Golden Compass Illustration and Final Question

Golden Compass Illustrations

Pantalaimon in ermine form (sketches by Emma Williams)
You will illustrate a scene from The Golden Compass. You will first need to create a rough sketch. The rough sketch should be in pencil and does not need to be perfect.
The Final Illustration should be created on the drawing paper provided. Illustrations should be oriented in landscape view (sideways or horizontal). Illustrations should be colored with colored pencil. The illustration should be zoomed in on the thing which is being depicted. Your illustration should not be  zoomed out so that figures and objects are tiny. You need to fill in the entire space of the paper with your drawing.

You need to print one or two sentences from the book at the bottom of your illustration. The sentences should refer to what is being illustrated. Please ink your sentences with Flair pen.
Print your name in the bottom right corner of you illustration.

Due Monday, November 24.

Golden Compass Final Question

Re-read Chapter 21: "Lord Asriel’s Welcome." Lord Asriel explains that he intends to travel beyond the aurora, to find the source of Dust and destroy it, thus destroying original sin and with it all the death, misery, and destructiveness in the world. Why does he want to do this? Do you think this is a good idea? What is the downside of living in a world with no sin?

Due Thursday, November 13.

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